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Water Quality Monitoring Using Remote Sensing Measurements

Algal blooms around the Great Lakes, July 2015. Landsat 8: OLI

This webinar series introduces NASA remote sensing data, tools, and products for application in water quality monitoring. It focuses on data access of MODIS-based water quality paramters including chlorophyll-a concentration, temperature, color dissolved organic matter (CDOM), turbidity, and euphotic depth. It also looks at Landsat data for qualitative monitoring of water quality parameters, and covers the NASA missions GEOCAPE and PACE. 

Learning Objectives: 

Attendees will learn to access, analyze, and apply NASA remote sensing data for water quality monitoring in coastal oceans, estuaries, and inland lakes. 

Course Format: 
  • Three, one-hour sessions
  • Introductory Webinar - no remote sensing experience required

No previous remote sensing experience is required. 


This course is intended for individuals at the local, state and federal level, NGOs, international management agencies and private sector organizations interested in water quality management. 

Registration Information: 

This webinar is free, but you must register for each session before viewing the recording. 

Course Agenda: 
Session One: Introduction to Remote Sensing of Water Quality Parameters

An overview of the course, the ARSET program, water quality parameters, and NASA remote sensing data for water quality parameters. 



Session Two: NASA WQ Data, Access and Tools

An overview of satellite and sensors for water quality remote sensing, water quality data and tools, future satellite missions, and an introduction to the NASA Ocean Biogeochemical Model. 



Session Three: Overview of WQ Monitoring & Case Studies of Monitoring WQ in Select Water Bodies

An overview of remote sensing for water quality monitoring, SERVIR water quality application (a case study of Lake Atitlan), and MODIS and Landsat data access (a case study of Lake Victoria). 



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