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The Applied Remote Sensing Training (ARSET) program builds the skills to acquire and use NASA satellite and model data for decision support. The program provides training via online webinars and in-person workshops. ARSET trainings are intended for policymakers, NGOs, and other applied science professionals seeking to incorporate NASA remote sensing into their daily activities.

Trainings are available in the following areas

  • Air Quality & Health
  • Disasters
  • Land
  • Water Resources

Since 2009, ARSET has had over 19,000 participants from more than 5,200 organizations and 163 countries. Read about everything the ARSET program did in our Annual Reports:

All ARSET materials are free and available for you to use and adapt, as long as appropriate credit to the NASA ARSET program is given. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us

Online Training

ARSET provides online training in introductory, intermediate, and advanced applied remote sensing topics. Online training takes the form of self-guided training (our Fundamentals of Remote Sensing trainings) and webinar series. Webinar series can be anywhere from 1-5 weeks in length and feature multiple parts. Parts can be 1-2 hours in length, and the same part may be offered twice a day to accommodate attendees in different time zones. Recordings of the live webinar series are available on the NASA Video YouTube page. Most webinar materials are available in Spanish and English.

Many courses need no previous experience with remote sensing, but there are prerequisites for advanced webinars. Please check each webinar's page for more information. View all of ARSET's webinars »

In-Person Training

The ARSET program regularly partners with organizations to host two to four day in-person trainings with regionally specific curricula. Conducted in a computer lab or a room with high-speed internet, in-person training provides a combination of lectures and hands-on activities. Attendees learn how to access, interpret and apply NASA data on local and global scales, with an emphasis on case studies. View all of ARSET's workshops »

Train the Trainers

Designed for organizations interested in learning how to develop and conduct their own training program.

Contact Us

If you have questions about any of our trainings, materials, or wish to request a topic, email us

You can also follow us on twitter @NASAARSET


+ Why haven't I gotten my certificate?

Participation certificates are not available before a course has concluded. Please give us 3-4 months to process certificates, depending on how many trainings we have going on at one time. ARSET can send hundreds of certificates per training, and it can take us time to verify the necessary information.

For online courses, you will only receive a certificate if you attended all webinar sessions and completed all homework by the due date.

+ What are some of the NASA satellites and sensors covered in trainings?

ARSET trainings cover a number of satellites and their sensors, as well as different models and web-based tools that interprets the data produced by those satellites. 

Missions, Satellites and Instruments

  • Aqua
    • AIRS
    • AMSR-E
    • AMSU-A
    • MODIS
  • Aura
    • OMI
    • CALIOP
  • EO-1
  • GOES
  • GPM
    • GMI
    • DPR
    • Altimeter
  • Landsat
    • OLI
  • SMAP
    • Radar & Radiometer
  • Space Shuttle
    • SRTM
  • Suomi NPP
    • VIIRS
  • Terra
    • ASTER
    • CERES
    • MISR
    • MODIS
    • MOPITT
  • TRMM
    • TMi
    • PR