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Health & Air Quality

Air Quality from EPA and MODIS 11 Sept 2003
Image: Air quality visualization from EPA and MODIS 11 Sept 2003

ARSET provides in-person and online trainings focusing on remote sensing applications for health and air quality. Topics can include:

  • Satellite observations of aerosols and trace gases, data access and applications

  • Smoke and dust detection and monitoring

  • Satellite based surface particulate matter (PM2.5, PM10) data sets and applications

  • Air quality case study analysis using satellite, surface and model data sets

  • Long range transport of atmospheric aerosols and trace gases

  • Surface and satellite data inter-comparisons

  • Comparisons between regional and global air quality models and satellite data

  • Long term air quality trends

  • Online and offline tools to read, map and analyze satellite data sets

Health & Air Quality Features

ARSET Completes Its First Advanced Webinar Series

Jan. 11, 2016
Last October, ARSET hosted its first advanced online webinar, providing detailed instruction on available remote sensing resources for addressing particulate matter air quality. Read More »

Stay Informed

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To partner with ARSET for training, or to request a topic, please visit training suggestions. For more information about air quality trainings and materials, contact: Pawan Gupta.