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Image: April 2016 fire map. Rapid Response, LANCE EOSDIS.

Wildfire in-person and online trainings focus on accessing, interpreting and processing NASA Earth Observation data for wildfire applications. These applications include pre-fire assessment, operational fire management and post-fire evaluation. Trainings include overviews of online data portals and fire-assessment platforms, near-real time data acquisition and analysis, integration of terrain data, and burn severity mapping such as use of the Normalized Burn Ratio (NBR) and the Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER).

Courses are designed primarily for wildfire and land management agencies at the local, state, regional and international levels, NGOs, regulatory agencies, policy makers and other applied science professionals.

Wildfire Features

ARSET Trains Wildfire Managers to Utilize NASA Earth Observations

Jan 11, 2016
​2015 was the first year the ARSET program offered wildfire trainings. With an introductory online training and an in-person workshop, ARSET reached over 300 individuals. Read more »

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To partner with ARSET for training, or to request a topic, please visit training suggestions. For more information about wildfire activities and materials, contact Cindy Schmidt or Amber McCullum.