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Water Resources Management

This webinar focuses on introducing freshwater quantities available from NASA remote sensing and earth system modeling for decision support. It provides introductory technical information to further introduce NASA rain products, snow cover, grain size, snow water equivalent, runoff, streamflow, a variable infiltration capacity model, soil moisture, evapotranspiration estimates, reservoir heights, and ground water monitoring. 

Course Format: 
  • Five one-hour sessions
  • Introductory Webinar

No previous remote sensing experience is required. 


This course is intended for individuals at the local, state and federal level, NGOs, international management agencies and private sector organizations interested in water quality management. 

Registration Information: 

This webinar is free, but you must register for each session before viewing the recording.

Session One: Overview of NASA Remote Sensing and Earth Systems Modeling Data for Water Resources Management

An overview of the ARSET program and the course, fundamentals of remote sensing, an introduction to atmosphere-land models, and the strengths and limitations of remote sensing and model-based data. View the recording »

Session Two: Overview of Precipitation, Run Off

An overview of satellites, sensors, and models for precipitation and runoff, and examples of data applications including extreme precipitation and flood monitoring. View the recording »

Session Three: Overview of Soil Moisture ad Evapotranspiration

An overview of satellites, sensors, models and techniques for soil moisture and evapotranspiration, and examples of drought monitoring and irrigation mapping. View the recording »

Session Four: Overview of Reservoir and Lake Water Height, and Ground Water

An overview of satellite, sensors and models for reservoir and lake water height, and ground water monitoring. Examples include drought monitoring and terrestrial water sustainability. View the recording »

Session Five: Overview of Web-tools for Data Access and Imaging (with live demonstrations)

Spatial and temporal selection of data, how to access digital data, data analysis and mapping, and importing data into GIS. View the recording »

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