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Introductory Webinar: Using Earth Observations to Monitor Water Budgets for River Basin Management

Mississippi River Watershed
Date Range: 
March 13, 2019. March 20, 2019. March 27, 2019. April 3, 2019.
09:00-10:30 and 16:00-17:30 EDT (UTC-4)

Rivers are a major source of freshwater. They support aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, provide transportation, and generate hydropower. Managing river basin watersheds is critical for developing policies for sustainable water allocation and development. Over the course of four sessions, this introductory webinar series will address using satellite data and Earth system modeling data sources to estimate surface water budgets.

List of Relevant Tools & Data Portals

Learning Objectives: 

By the end of this training, attendees will become familiar with: 

  • remote sensing and Earth system modeling data sources relevant for river basin watershed management
  • estimating surface water budgets and their temporal variability in sub-watersheds within river basins
Course Format: 
  • Four, one-hour presentations followed by 30 minutes of Q&A
  • Sessions will only be broadcast in English - Session B will cover the same content as Session A
  • A certificate of completion will also be available to participants who attend all three sessions and complete two homework assignments, which will be based on the webinar sessions. Note: certificates of completion only indicate the attendee participated in all aspects of the training, they do not imply proficiency on the subject matter, nor should they be seen as a professional certification).

Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and Fundamentals of Remote Sensing for Water Resources Management

Participants that do not have an understanding of the fundamentals of remote sensing may not be prepared for the pace and level of the live training. 


The content of this training was developed for local, regional, state, federal, and international organizations engaged in the management of water resources, river basins, floods, droughts, land development, river transportation, hydroelectric power, and reservoirs. 

Course Agenda: 
Session One: Overview of Remote Sensing Data for River Basin Monitoring

This session will provide an overview of river basin monitoring and management, focusing on its importance and the approach. It will also cover an overview of remote sensing data sources relevant for river basin monitoring and management, and demonstrate data access. 



Session Two: Applications of Remote Sensing for River Basin Monitoring, Nile Basin

This session will look at selected remote sensing studies of the Nile River Basin, including remotely sensed water balance analysis, the Nile Land Data Assimilation System, and wetland mapping and monitoring. Featuring guest speaker Benjamin Zaitchik. 



Session Three: Applications of Remote Sensing for River Basin Monitoring, Mekong Basin

This session will look at selected remote sensing studies of the Mekong River Basin. Featuring guest speaker John Bolten.



Session Four: Surface Water Budget Estimation Based on Remote Sensing

The final session will include a review of remote sensing data sources for surface water budget components, and run through estimating a water budget of a watershed using remote sensing components. 



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