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Disasters Webinars

ARSET offers online webinars throughout the year. Each training lasts four to five weeks, one hour per week, and are often offered twice a day to accommodate attendees in different time zones. Webinars are appropriate for professionals engaged in applied environmental management.

These online courses help beginners and advanced professionals use NASA Earth science data and modeling in areas of air quality, disaster management, land management, water resources, and wildfire detection and modeling.

ARSET hosts both introductory and advanced webinars. Check the individual webinar page for its level and more information. Most webinars have materials available in English and Spanish.

Introductory Webinars

Trainings are appropriate for applied professionals with no remote sensing experience.

Advanced Webinars

Trainings are are appropriate for professionals with experience in remote sensing or NASA data and resources. Advanced topics will detail specific data or applications by region or discipline. These advanced trainings have case studies and hands-on exercises for participants on data access and processing.