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Remote Sensing and Air Quality Applications for NESCAUM and MARAMA States

Albany, New York
Date Range: 
Tuesday, November 19, 2013 to Thursday, November 21, 2013
Course Agenda: 


  • Evaluating Data (.ppt)
S.N. Title Category Talk  Exercise
1 Application of satellite observations in air quality monitoring  Knowledge/Information



2 Overview - Future Capabilities Information & Theory Presentation  
3 Evaluating MODIS data Knowledge/Information



4 Exploring/ordering aerosol data sets – online tool (GIOVANNI) Online data ordering and analysing tools  

Giovanni Exercise 1

Giovanni Exercise 2


5 Exploring/ordering aerosol data sets – online tool (LAADS Web)  Online data ordering and analysing tools   LAADS Web Exercise 
6 VIIRS Aerosol Products Knowledge/Information Presentation  
7 Using Panoply to Visualize MODIS Files Offline Tool   Panoply Exercise
8 Online Tool IDEA Online Tool Presentation IDEA Exercise
9 Converting satellite aerosol column measurements (AOD) to PM 2.5  Lecture / Hands on Presentation PM 2.5 Exercise
10 Calipso: Resolving the vertical distribution of aerosols  Lecture / Hands on Presentation Calipso Exercise
11 Overview of Fire Products and where to find them Lecture / Hands on Presentation Fire Products Exercise
12 AERONET system for observing aerosols & Interpreting AERONET data Lecture / Hands on Presentation AERONET Exercise 1
13 Aeronet Synergy Tool  Hands on   AERONET Synergy Tool Exercise
14 Creating KML files with Worldview Hands on   Worldview Exercise
15 Review of Trace Gases Lecture / Hands on


Trace Gas Online Resources

Carbon Monoxide Exercise


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