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Introduction to Satellite Remote Sensing for Air Quality Applications

This webinar series provides a brief overview of the foundations of remote sensing products and their utility for work in air quality. It includes an introduction to technical information on satellite remote sensing, online tools for accessing level 2 and 3 images, and basic instructions on searching and downloading archived trace gas data. 

Learning Objectives: 

Attendees will be able to access, use, and analyze archived trace gas data. 

Course Format: 
  • Six one-hour sessions
  • Introductory Webinar

No remote sensing experience is required. 

Registration Information: 

This webinar is free, but you must register for each session before viewing the recording. 

Session 1: Introduction, Course and Remote Sensing Overview

An overview of the ARSET program and the course, the pros and cons of remote sensing for air quality work, and essential information for any remote sensing product. View the recording »

Week 2: Fundamentals of Satellite Remote Sensing and Sensors
An overview of remote sensing, active and passive sensors, imagers, sounders, radiometers, satellite orbits, and spatial, spectral, radiometric and temporal resolution. View the recording »
Week 3: Fundamentals of Satellite Imagery

An overview of true and false color imagery, what can be learned from satellite images, and a tour of useful image archives. View the recording »

Week 4: NASA Aerosol (Particulate Matter) Products

Defining remote sensing of aerosols, ground based remote sensing of aerosols (AERONET), NASA satellite aerosol products, and NASA aerosol remote sensing products as a surrogate for PM2.5. View the recording »

Week 5: Satellite Trace Gas Measuremtents and Products

Background information on trace gas detection and products, and a tour of Aura trace gas products and applications. No recording is available. 

Week 6: Satellite Trace Gas Measuremtents and Products - Part 2

An overview of satellite observations of CO, current CO sensors, and overviews of MOPITT and AIRS. No recording is available. 

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